AC624 crash: MacGillivray Law to file class action lawsuit

A Nova Scotia law firm says it will be filing a class action lawsuit representing passengers on board Air Canada Flight 624 that crash-landed Sunday morning in Halifax and a second firm confirms they are meeting with a passenger Tuesday.

A second lawyer, Ray Wagner, says his firm is considering a class action lawsuit as well

Transportation Safety Board investigators and airport firefighters work at the crash site of Flight AC624 at Stanfield International Airport in Halifax. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

One Nova Scotia law firm will file a class action lawsuit representing passengers of the crashed Air Canada flight in Halifax, and a second law firm may soon do the same.

Air Canada Flight 624 crash-landed Sunday morning in Halifax with 133 passengers and five crew on board. 

On Monday, MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law said it had been instructed to file a lawsuit by a person seeking damages for physical and psychological trauma.

The firm says it has also been consulted by a number of other passengers and that their class action will likely be against Air Canada, Halifax International Airport Authority and Nav Canada, the organization that operates Canada's civil airspace.

MacGillivray says it believes Air Canada has already contacted some passengers to offer a compensation package.

Meanwhile, lawyer Ray Wagner of Wagners Serious Injury Law Firm confirmed Monday evening that he is also meeting with a passenger from the flight on Tuesday and he has been in contact with a second passenger.

Wagner is working with two Toronto law firms that have experience with lawsuits dealing with airline crashes.