Nova Scotia

81-year-old woman charged in fatal pedestrian crash

William Roy Murphy, 34, of Beaver Bank was using a marked crosswalk in Lower Sackville when he was struck by a car. He later died of his injuries.

William Roy Murphy, 34, died from his injuries Wednesday night

The site of the crash is in a busy part of Lower Sackville. (CBC)

The RCMP have charged an 81-year-old woman with failure to yield to a pedestrian after a man was hit while crossing the street in Lower Sackville Wednesday night.

William Roy Murphy, 34, of Beaver Bank was using a marked crosswalk at the intersection of Glendale and Raymond Drive when he was struck by a car just after 6 p.m.

He died later that night from his injuries.

The woman, who police say was driving the car, faces a fine of $687.41 and four demerit points if she's convicted.

Traffic flagged as a problem

Steve Craig, a councillor for the area, said he has heard concerns about the traffic on Glendale Drive in the past.

"This here is a major thoroughfare in Sackville," he said. "It bisects a huge residential area. The traffic over the years has increased significantly."

People in the area told CBC News the lighting is dim at the intersection.

Craig said they need to investigate how to prevent future accidents.

"Are the crosswalks here sufficient to do the jobs that they need to do?"

 In 2011, two people in the Halifax Region were struck and killed in a crosswalk. So far this year, four people have died as a result of being struck while using a marked crossing.