Nova Scotia

6 police called to hockey fight in Dartmouth

Police were called to a Parrsboro versus Cole Harbour hockey game after a fight broke out Monday morning.

Half a dozen police officers were called to the Gray Arena in north-end Dartmouth after a hockey game turned into what one parent describes as "an all-out brawl" on Monday.

The midget teams from Parrsboro and Cole Harbour are playing in the Joe Lamontagne Memorial March Break Tournament.

The teams played on Sunday in a close game, which Parrsboro won, and faced off again on Monday.

Ross Robinson, whose son plays on the Parrsboro team, said it was a heated battle from the start of the game.

There was about 11 minutes left to play when a fight broke out.  Many of the players were ejected, leaving barely enough skaters to finish the game.

"Lots of excitement, a lot of adrenaline going on there and it got the best of them I think. The excitement ran pretty wild with the parents and the kids out there," said Robinson.

"It turned into not playing hockey anymore, it turned into a rough game and everyone was thrown off the ice. Everyone got involved at one point."

Police stayed at the scene until both teams left the parking lot.

No one was charged.

In the end, Cole Harbour won the Monday morning game by a 5-0 score.