Nova Scotia

41 librarian jobs cut at Chignecto school board

The Chignecto-Central Regional School Board is cutting 41 librarian jobs.

A Nova Scotia school board is cutting 41 librarian positions as part of 130 job cuts set for next year.

The Chignecto-Central Regional School Board is facing a $6.5-million shortfall after the provincial government cut funding to school boards by three per cent.

"We had nowhere else to go," said Trudy Thompson, the board's chair.


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It was an agonizing task for the board to cut the librarian jobs, she added.

"I never believed that I would ever be reducing programs and services to students," she said.

Teachers will now have to take over the library responsibilities.

"The teachers themselves will bring the students in and sign out books," Thompson said. "We're hoping in elementary schools that there will be volunteers that will come in."

More cuts will become known when the Chignecto board meets next week.

The provincial government cutbacks are putting a tremendous strain on the board and will also impact employees who will keep their jobs, Thompson said.

"I think it's putting a lot more pressure on everyone. I believe morale will go down in schools and that will affect the learning process."

Last year, the board faced $3.8 million in cuts, and 43 jobs were eliminated.

Parents who are upset with the cuts should lobby their local MLAs, Thompson said.