Nova Scotia

3 more NSLC stores to be renovated to sell cannabis this fall

NSLC is renovating stores to have a separate, hidden area to sell cannabis. Staff will help customers make informed choices and signs will be posted warning of the dangers of mixing cannabis and alcohol.

Cannabis will be sold in separate area hidden from rest of store

Renovations at a NSLC store are underway for a separate area that will stock cannabis. (Craig Paisley/CBC)

Nova Scotians will have three more locations to buy legal cannabis this fall. 

Bridgewater, New Minas and Antigonish join the nine other Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation stores that will sell cannabis. 

"Since we announced the first nine stores that would sell cannabis, NSLC has been working to identify additional locations that could be renovated for cannabis sales," said Finance and Treasury Board Minister Karen Casey.

In March, CBC News looked at how legal cannabis wouldn't be as readily available in Nova Scotia as it would be in other Maritime provinces. Even with the additional three stores, access will remain poorer in Nova Scotia.

The NSLC stores will sell cannabis in a separate area and no one under 19 will be allowed. The area will not be visible from the rest of the store. 

The NSLC will train staff to help customers.

There will be no cross-promotion of alcohol and cannabis, and signs will be posted warning about the dangers of mixing the two.

The NSLC will follow federal requirements for selling and advertising cannabis.