Nova Scotia

2nd paramedic charged for theft, misuse of drugs

RCMP have laid charges against a Liverpool paramedic after he allegedly stole drugs from an Emergency Health Services Station.

Kenneth Wade Cosh, 47, of Liverpool, faces multiple drug-related charges

RCMP have laid charges against a Liverpool paramedic after he allegedly stole drugs from an Emergency Health Services station.

Kenneth Wade Cosh, 47, of Liverpool faces multiple drug charges including possession of morphine, as well as two counts of possession of a Schedule IV substance, breach of trust, theft under $5,000 and forgery.

Schedule IV substances include benzodiazepines and most barbiturates including general anesthetics.

RCMP arrested Cosh less than a week after Halifax police charged another paramedic with similar offences.

Zachary Dewar, 25, was arrested after a three-week investigation by Halifax Regional Police. He also faces breach of trust and mischief charges. Both cases originated with a complaint to police from EHS.

On Feb. 15, officials from EHS alerted the RCMP that a Liverpool paramedic was under suspicion of theft and misuse of drugs. The incidents are alleged to have occurred between 2009 and 2013.

Four days later, RCMP searched a home on Wolfe Street in Liverpool where they seized syringes and medical containers.

Cosh is scheduled to appear in Liverpool Provincial Court on Apr. 16.