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2016 Robert Merritt Award nominations announced

CBC Radio's Mainstreet got a sneak peek of the nomination list for the 2016 Robert Merritt Awards.

Awards honouring Nova Scotia live theatre to be presented March 21 at 7 p.m. at Casino Nova Scotia

Winners of the 2016 Robert Merritt awards will be revealed at the gala on Monday, March 21, 2016 at 7 p.m. at Casino Nova Scotia’s Schooner Room. (Theatre Nova Scotia)

The 2016 Robert Merritt Award nominations — which recognize excellence in live theatre in Nova Scotia — have been released.

CBC Radio's Mainstreet got a sneak peek of the list. 

Jeremy Webb, producer of the awards show, and the host, Marty Burt, spoke with Preston Mulligan about the nominations.

Here's a full list of the actors and shows nominated for the awards which will be held March 21 at 7 p.m. at Casino Nova Scotia's Schooner Room.

Marty Burt (left), the host of the awards show, and Jeremy Webb (middle), the producer, spoke with the CBC's Preston Mulligan about the nominations on Friday afternoon. (Diane Paquette/CBC)

Outstanding choreographer 

  • Jim Morrow (The Tempest)
  • Kathryn MacLellan (Stacey and Liz — Two Women,Two True Stories)
  • Mary Lou Martin (The Highest Tides)
  • Stephanie Graham (The Addams Family)

Outstanding costume design

  • Helena Marriott (Great Expectations)
  • Jennifer Goodman (The Tempest)
  • Leesa Hamilton (Hardboiled — A Sal Dali Crime Tale)
  • Sarah Haydon Roy (Macbeth)
  • Sean Mulcahy (The Addams Family

Outstanding direction

  • Christian Barry (Lungs)
  • Dayna Tekatch (The 39 Steps)
  • Emmy Alcorn (Watching Glory Die)
  • Ken Schwartz (The Tempest)
  • Theo Pitsiavas, Christopher Little (Hardboiled — A Sal Dali Crime Tale)

Outstanding lighting design

  • Ingrid Risk (Watching Glory Die)
  • Jessica Lewis (Broadway on Argyle St.)
  • Johnny Cann (Hardboiled — A Sal Dali Crime Tale)
  • Leigh Ann Vardy (The 39 Steps)
  • Susann Hudson (Macbeth)

Outstanding musical direction

  • Allen Cole (The Highest Tides)
  • Lisa St. Clair (Broadway On Argyle St.)
  • Scott Christian (The Addams Family)
  • Tim Brady (GHOST TANGO)

Outstanding new play by a Nova Scotian

  • Dan Bray (Arden)
  • Ken Schwartz (The Turn of the Screw)
  • MG McIntyre (Spirits)
  • Theo Pitsiavas (Hardboiled — A Sal Dali Crime Tale)
  • Wendy Lill (Messenger)

Outstanding original score

  • Allen Cole (The Tempest)
  • Benjamin Marmen (Macbeth)
  • Michael Robson (The Duchess of Malfi)
  • Stewart Legere, David Christensen (Pop-Up Love Party)
  • Tim Brady (GHOST TANGO

Outstanding performance by a female in a leading role

  • Burgandy Code (The Governess in The Turn of the Screw)
  • Francine Deschepper (Rosemary in Outside Mullingar)
  • Jamie Konchak (Ariel in The Tempest)
  • Jenny Munday (Dianne in The Cave Painter)
  • Stephanie MacDonald (Gail/Glory/Rosellen in Watching Glory Die)

Outstanding performance by a female actor in a supporting role

  • Andrea Lee Norwood (Flora in The Turn of the Screw)
  • Burgandy Cole (Antonia in The Tempest)
  • Margaret Legere (Various roles in Macbeth)
  • Mauralea Austin (Aoife in Outside Mullingar)
  • Shelley Thompson (Doctor in A Good Death)

Outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role

  • Graham Percy (Prospero in The Tempest)
  • Hugh Thompson (Thomas Stockman in Messenger)
  • Marty Burt (Caliban in The Tempest)
  • Stewart Legere (Charlotte Von Mahlsdorf in I Am My Own Wife)
  • Theo Pitsiavas (Salvador Dali in Hardboiled — A Sal Dali Crime Tale)

Outstanding performance by a male actor in a supporting role

  • Christian Murray (Clown 2 in The 39 Steps)
  • Christopher Little (Various roles in Hardboiled — A Sal Dali Crime Tale)
  • Marty Burt (Joe/Matthew Pocket/Ensemble in Great Expectations)
  • Matthew Lumley (Michal in The Pillowman)
  • Rhys Bevan-John (Clown 1 in The 39 Steps)

Outstanding production by an established company

  • Hardboiled - A Sal Dali Crime Tale (LoHiFi Productions)
  • Outside Mullingar (Festival Antigonish)
  • Pop-Up Love Party (Zuppa Theatre Co.)
  • The 39 Steps (Neptune Theatre)
  • The Tempest (Two Planks and a Passion Theatre)
  • The Turn of a Screw (Two Planks and a Passion Theatre)

Outstanding production by a new or emerging company

  • Spirits (Up The Hill Theatre Productions)
  • The Duchess of Malfi (The Villain's Theatre)
  • The Story of a Sinking Man (Kick at the Dark Theatre Company)

Outstanding set and projection design

  • D'Arcy Morris-Poultney (The Cave Painter)
  • Garrett Barker (The Romeo Initiative)
  • Ian Pygott (Outside Mullingar)
  • Katherine Ryan (I'll Be Back Before Midnight)
  • Theo Pitsiavas, Christopher Little, Tony Owen (Hardboiled — A Sal Dali Crime Tale)

Outstanding sound design

  • Brian Riley (Pop-Up Love Party)
  • Daniel Oulton (Messenger)
  • Dustin Harvey, Shawn Bisson (Landline)
  • Johnny Cann (Hardboiled — A Sal Dali Crime Tale)
  • Rob Greene (I'll Be Back Before Midnight)

With files from Diane Paquette