Nova Scotia

2 in hospital after crash on Highway 102

RCMP say a car travelling northbound was struck by another vehicle from behind, and both vehicles crashed into the median.

Stretch nicknamed the Trans Canada Raceway

Both drivers were injured after the cars hit the median. (CBC)

A two-vehicle accident on Highway 102 near Fall River on Thursday morning sent both drivers and a passenger to hospital, and first responders had to use extra care getting one of the drivers out of his car.

The call came in just after 9 a.m. A fire crew from the station in Fall River responded.

"We did have three people who were transported to hospital, both drivers and one of the passengers. One of the drivers and the passenger have been released and the other driver is still in hospital at this time with serious injuries," said RCMP Const. Tammy Lobb.

Getting that driver out of his car was tricky. Firefighters eventually had to use what's commonly known as the Jaws of Life to first cut two doors off the vehicle and then the entire roof.

"He wasn't really pinned in his car but had some injuries so we took our time, we had to do a fair amount of cutting just to get him out of the vehicle without further injuring him," said Paul Clarke, captain of the Halifax fire services.

First responders have nicknamed the stretch the Trans Canada Raceway and it's where Fall River firefighters are most often called to motor vehicle crashes.

"We're out there most days I would say. Wintertime much more than the summer, but we're out there at least a day a week," said Clark.

Traffic was reduced to one lane in each direction as the crews worked.

The driver was eventually lifted out of the car on a backboard and into a waiting ambulance that whisked him off to hospital.  

The cause of Thursday’s accident is still under investigation.