Nova Scotia

2 bears hit by vehicles days apart on N.S. highways

Two vehicle collisions involving an unusual traffic concern have people talking in Nova Scotia.

Both drivers work at the same Atlantic Acura in Bedford

Aaron Higgins says he hit a bear earlier this month, just two days after a work colleague also hit a bear. (CBC)

Two colleagues at a Bedford car dealership have an unusual story to share each hit a bear while driving in different parts of rural Nova Scotia earlier this month.

The two work at Atlantic Acura in Bedford. Aaron Higgins says he hit a bear June 8 while driving in Musquodoboit Valley, just two days after a co-worker struck a bear in Cumberland County.

“I heard about him hitting the bear before I actually hit one myself," Higgins says. "So after I hit mine, it was sort of running through my head. It's just crazy, right?”

Both men walked away from the accidents.

Their vehicles are being repaired at City Collision in Dartmouth. Dave Power is working on the cars and says this is the first time in 20 years he's repaired bear damage. 
A piece of hair from a bear remained on one of the vehicles following the collision. (CBC)

“Headlight was busted, fender was busted, front bumper, little bit of damage to the hood," he says. "Probably around $9,000 worth of damage, I guess.

Ron Peters, also of City Collision, says he has never heard of a bear collision in his 40 years in the business.

“The Acura that hit the bear, the bear just gave the car a dirty look and kept going. Didn't bother the bear at all,” Peters says.

Higgins says his car is a writeoff. Power says it will cost thousands of dollars to restore the car involved in the first collision.