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11 things that happen during a Nova Scotia blizzard

That peninsula under all the white stuff? That's Nova Scotia.

Batten down the hatches!

Welcome to Nova Scotia — in a blizzard

A satellite image from NASA shows the blizzard over the Maritimes on Monday. (NASA)

The difference between land and sea gets fuzzy


And your road might just get flooded by the ocean  

Waves crash over the rocks near Lawrencetown Beach on Monday and flood onto the nearby road. (Carman Fielding)

Your route to work might just look like this

Snow blows over roads in Sydney, N.S., on Tuesday. (Nicole MacLennan/CBC)

You might want to put goggles on to walk to work

Ski goggles seem to be a must for some people walking to work during Monday's storm. (Craig Paisley/CBC)

A ruler becomes a key part of your weather forecast

Here's the weather report from Rawdon Gold Mines, N.S. (Joyce Custance)

You really have to remember where you parked

Snow covers a truck in Middle Sackville, N.S. Not pictured: the Mazda 5 parked at the tailgate of the truck. (Erin Tramble)

Your driveway looks like this, if you're lucky

Walls of snow line a driveway in Dartmouth, N.S. (Nancy Waugh/CBC)

Owning a full reflective suit is encouraged

A well-dressed Halifax man clears snow in front of his home. (Mark Pineo)

Shovelling might leave you looking like this

Doug Vanderkloet of Kentville, N.S., is pictured after clearing his driveway. (Jennifer Vanderkloet)

The wind might literally blow a house down

Some homes under construction in a subdivision near Halifax's Rockingham area were destroyed by the blizzard's high winds. (Brian MacKay/CBC)

Yup. It's enough to make you want to jump in a snowbank