Nova Scotia paramedics end strike

The striking paramedics in Nova Scotia have come to terms with the company that runs the ambulance service.

Health Minister Jamie Muir announced Friday afternoon that a deal has been struck and the 650 employees have ended their strike.

Their union still has lots of negotiating to do, but the emergency service workers got one small concession from their employer: the one that would have kept them from striking at all.

The paramedics went on strike early Friday, leaving ambulances in front of the provincial legislature with their lights on and sirens blaring.

The protest came as Premier John Hamm's government tried to pass legislation making a walkout illegal.

But for hours, the Opposition parties stalled the bill that would have declared paramedic service essential, and forced binding arbitration.

Nova Scotia's paramedics have been trying to come up with a new contract for 15 months.

They want better wages and working conditions from the private company contracted to provide ambulance service in the province. Right now, they make between $6 and $12 an hour.