Notable Canadian deaths in 2011: Jack Layton, Betty Fox and NHL enforcers

Jack Layton and other Canadians are featured in a photo gallery and list of notable Canadian deaths in 2011. The list also includes four soldiers killed in Afghanistan, three NHL enforcers and actor John Neville.

Four Canadian soldiers, actor John Neville also on the list

The death of Jack Layton was chosen by Canadians as the the biggest Canadian news story of 2011, according to an Ipsos poll released Dec. 28. Layton died this year from cancer a few months after leading the NDP to Official Opposition status for the first time in Canadian history.

The most viewed story on this year is Layton's last letter to Canadians. Layton is also the Canadian Press newsmaker of the year for 2011.

The photo gallery below features Layton and other prominent Canadians who died in 2011, including four soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

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Below the gallery is an index to a longer list of obituaries about Canadians on

2011 obituary index, Canada

This is a list of links to obituaries on the CBC website of Canadian figures who died in 2011. 

If there are obituaries that you feel belong on the list but aren't there, please mention them in the comments and include a link if you can. Lamont Tilden, Wayne Robson, Jose Kusugak, Jack Richardson and David Gold have been added to the index, thanks to the commenters who mentioned them.