Yukon woman declines offer of help to rebuild missing cabin

Josie-Anne Pilotte was building a cabin near Fish Lake Road just outside of Whitehorse, when it went missing earlier this month.

Oregon businessman who saw Josie-Anne Pilotte's story offered to send money

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      A Yukon woman whose unfinished cabin was recently stolen has declined an offer from an American businessman to help rebuild the structure.

      Josie-Anne Pilotte was building a cabin on a friend's mining claim near Fish Lake Road just outside of Whitehorse, when it went missing earlier this month.

      John Bartholf, CEO of a company called Coverall of Oregon, says when he saw the story on the internet, his heart broke.

      "I can't imagine somebody that's used their hard-earned money to build something with their own hands, only to come out and find out that it's gone." 

      Bartholf has offered money to help Pilotte rebuild the cabin.

      "I want to be able to give some of the stuff that I have away now so I can see the true appreciation," he said.

      Pilotte said she was surprised and touched by the offer, but has declined.

      "I'm working, I'm not without money," she said.

      "I'm making a little money right now and I'm sure if I can be safe with my money, I can save enough money by next spring and start a new project."

      Bartholf says Pilotte was polite with her response.

      "She's a typical Canadian, has a lot of pride and you know, she wants to be self sufficient," he said.

      Bartholf says his offer will remain open, if she changes her mind.​

      Pilotte still hopes her missing cabin will eventually be found.


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