Yukon strategic voter says party politics are sometimes a luxury

The NDP riding association president for the Kluane region has jumped ship to support the Liberal candidate in his desire to unseat Yukon's Conservative MP.

Former Haines Junction NDP association president gives his support to Liberals

Richard Anderson, a long-time NDP supporter from Haines Junction, Yukon, says he will be voting Liberal in the 2015 election. (Nancy Thomson/CBC)

Strategic voting is one of the main narratives to emerge across the country during this federal election, and the 'ABC' vote — Anybody but the Conservatives — has adherents in the Yukon.

"I don't see the NDP getting elected in the Yukon riding, personally, so why split the vote," says Haines Junction resident Richard Anderson.

He's been the NDP riding association president for the Kluane region for several years but for this election, Anderson is jumping ship.

"The one thing that worries me really badly is the NDP and the Liberals splitting the vote and [Conservative] Ryan Leef walking in the middle," says Anderson.

"So I've been advising my friends, my ex-comrades, a lot of 'ex' now, to vote for Larry [Bagnell]."

Anderson says the reason he's voting for Liberal candidate Larry Bagnell is his strong desire to see Harper defeated. 

"Some people are supportive and to other people, I'm a traitor," he says.

"Let's be practical. Party politics — sometimes you've got to put 'em in your back pocket for a while."

The federal election is Oct. 19.


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