Spy on some nesting Yukon seagulls with new 'gull cam'

Yukon Energy has set up a webcam on top of one of the Whitehorse dam hydro units focused on a gull nest.

Yukon Energy has set up a live webcam on one of its Whitehorse hydro units, where gulls nest

Yukon Energy has set up a webcam in Whitehorse to follow a nesting pair of seagulls as their eggs are laid and then hatch. (Yukon Energy)

Yukoners have enjoyed watching the lives of eagles and ravens at their nests over the years, with help of some well-placed webcams.

Now Yukon Energy has installed a "gull cam," on the roof of one of its Whitehorse dam hydro units.

Each summer, a number of gull pairs establish nests on top of the building. The rooftop camera is now pointed at one.

"I guess it's the heat that comes from the roof vents that seems to attract them," said Janet Patterson, spokesperson for Yukon Energy.

"We thought it would be fun to install a live webcam, so the public can see these birds close up, learn a little bit more about their behaviour," said Patterson.

A new appreciation?

She said some people might consider gulls a nuisance bird, so the camera could lead to a new appreciation for them.

Patterson said the gulls should be laying eggs soon. They lay one to three eggs.

She said they should hatch about a month later.

Viewers are warned, however, that "Mother Nature can sometimes be harsh," and people may see things happen that are upsetting.

Patterson said Yukon Energy intends to let nature take its course and not intervene.

She said the corporation consulted the Yukon government's Wildlife Viewing Program on the best way to position the camera to avoid disturbing the birds.


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