In wake of child's death, Yukon adopts new rules for soccer goal posts

The Yukon government has new safety regulations for movable soccer goal posts. The rules come into effect almost four years after a Watson Lake child died of head injuries after a goal post fell on her.

New rules replace interim standards set in 2013 following girl's death

Movable soccer goals in the Yukon will now be inspected twice a year. (Wayne Vallevand)

The Yukon government has passed tough regulations for movable soccer goal posts. 

The new rules are similar to interim safety measures that were put in place in 2013, a year after five-year-old Jaedyn Amann was killed when a soccer net fell on her on a Watson Lake soccer pitch. 

Colin MacDonald with the Yukon government's Department of Education says 'We have done as much as we possibly can to promote that culture of safety over the last number of years.' (Wayne Vallevand)

"We are the first jurisdiction in Canada to have such a regulation," said Colin MacDonald, a Department of Education policy analyst who worked on the new rules.

"No other province or territory has a law that tells user groups how soccer goals must be used to promote public safety to the maximum possible extent."

The new regulations, which apply to posts weighing more than 18 kilograms, call for: 

  • Permanent bilingual signs warning about the dangers of climbing or hanging on the goal;
  • Anchors for outdoor goals;
  • Wall or floor fasteners for indoor goals;
  • Twice-a-year inspections for movable soccer goals. 

The Yukon government says it will invest $150,000 to replace any of the Department of Education's soccer goals that do not meet the new standards and regulations.