Yukon's Kaska agree to meet premier over blockade threat

Kaska leaders, who had threatened action over proposed changes to the territory's oil and gas act, have agreed to meet with Yukon's premier.

Kaska leaders had threatened action over proposed oil and gas developments on their traditional territory

The Kaska are hoping a meeting with the Yukon Premier will head off a confrontation over oil and gas development.  

The Kaska nations have threatened to sue the Yukon government and blockade roads if the government goes ahead with plans to remove Kaska veto powers over oil and gas development. 

Liard McMillan, the chief of the Liard First Nation, was one of the Kaska leaders to threaten action if proposed changes to the oil and gas act go ahead. (CBC)

The Kaska say secret cabinet documents prove the government is aware oil companies are interested in shallow gas fracking operations in Kaska territory and they're committed to stopping that before it starts.

"It kind of confirmed suspicions of government saying one thing and doing another," said Liard McMillan, the chief of the Liard First Nation.

He said he was relieved to receive a letter from Yukon Premier Darrell Pasloski asking for a meeting.  Now, he's waiting to see what the Premier will say and do.

"We are hoping that maybe they've come to some new realizations," added McMillan.

The meeting is now set for Dec. 7.

Read the press release from the Kaska about the meeting below.