Yukon woman 'sickened' by roadside graffiti, tries to find perpetrators

Jacqueline St. Jacques says the graffiti she saw alongside the South Klondike Highway this fall appalled her, so she went online to figure out who made it.

'All it does is promote more graffiti,' says Jacqueline St. Jacques

Jacqueline St. Jacques spotted graffiti in about six spots along the South Klondike highway in September, and she says it's still there now. 'It's got to get removed,' she said. (Submitted by Jacqueline St. Jacques)

You may be in love, but Jacqueline St. Jacques doesn't want to read about it in spray paint on the roadside.

St. Jacques, who lives along the South Klondike highway south of Carcross, spotted a bunch of graffiti along the highway earlier this fall near the Yukon/B.C. border. Months later, it's still there — and she's fed up. 

"Somebody's got to get rid of it. And to me, it should be the people responsible for it," she said.

St Jacques said she found spray-painted graffiti at six spots along the roadside and was "sickened" by it. 

"This is a scenic corridor," she said. "To have somebody do this is absolutely disgusting."

St. Jacques took note of the names painted — lovebirds, presumably, considering the x's and o's and hearts — and turned to Facebook to try to find the perpetrators. She found a couple with the right names, but they've denied any responsibility.

St. Jacques has also contacted the RCMP. 

She says she's worried the markings will still be there — along with more, possibly — when tourism season starts in the spring. 

"All it does is promote more graffiti, that's the thing," she said.

Another Yukoner found spray-painted graffiti along the same highway last year and took to social media to complain about it. That post generated a lot of reaction, including people who supported the vandals.

With files from Mardy Derby