Yukon RCMP formally withdraws from reality show

The Yukon RCMP have formally withdrawn from participating in a reality show after negative community reaction.

Formal move comes after force had temporarily withdrawn

The RCMP has withdrawn from participating in a Yukon-based reality TV show. (CBC)

The Yukon RCMP have formally withdrawn from participating in a reality show after negative community reaction.

The force issued a press release Thursday announcing their formal withdrawal from participating in the program. Starting August 10th, a film crew had been following RCMP officers while they were out on duty, collecting footage to be aired on a reality television program.

One incident in which cameras were rolling while RCMP officers arrested an intoxicated woman drew outcry from members of the public, who said it was an invasion of privacy.

Following that, the RCMP temporarily withdrew their participation in the program on August 16, so the force could "carefully consider the concerns and issues raised during the first days of filming," the force said in a release.

Production halted

The RCMP says the production "was intended to capture the variety and uniqueness of policing in our territory and depict the day-to-day challenges and resulting rewards of policing in the Yukon. The goal was to produce a documentary series that offered insight into the vastness and rich history of the Yukon and to show how RCMP employees and their families engage with their communities."

Thursday's announcement formally ends that attempt. "Everybody was aware there were risks to this kind of effort and at the end of the day … we as a public institution can't be bound to continue something that the public doesn't support," RCMP director David Gilbert told CBC News.

"While the RCMP believes it is important to convey the complexities of policing in the Yukon and highlight the successful relationships that make this possible, the RCMP has concluded that it is unable to continue to participate in this production. We have now taken the necessary steps to formally terminate our agreement with the production company," the force said in a news release.

Gilbert says they are disappointed it didn't work out and adds the RCMP will look for other ways to inform the public of their work in the Yukon.