Yukon political parties collectively raised more than $300k last year

Both the Yukon Party and the Liberals raised tens of thousands of dollars worth of 'other revenue,' the sources of which do not have to be publicly disclosed.

The Yukon Party raised more than half of all donations, while the Greens raised nothing

Party campaign signs are posted at the intersection of Lewes Boulevard and Hospital Road in Whitehorse March 18, 2021. The three territorial political parties collectively raised $337,000 in 2020. (Chris Windeyer/CBC )

Territorial political parties in the Yukon collectively raked in more than $337,000 in 2020, according to a revenue report released by Elections Yukon, a sharp increase from the $257,740 the political parties raised in 2019.

The report, released annually, outlines the various revenue streams reported by the Yukon's registered territorial political parties every year. The 2020 report does not include donations or any other revenue associated with the last territorial election, which took place in 2021. 

The Yukon Party reported the highest revenue at $176,000. That's more than half of the total revenue reported by all four registered political parties in the territory.

The NDP brought in $91,000 while the governing Liberals raised around $70,000. The territorial Green Party reported no revenue in 2020. The Greens did not run a candidate in the 2021 territorial election and have been de-registered as a political party.

While the Liberals reported less revenue than they did in 2019, both the Yukon Party and NDP reported more. Total contributions across all parties have more than doubled since 2018.

The big change in 2020 is the amount of "other revenue" collected by the three parties. That's money raised through raffles, banquets, cash bars and, according to political financing rules, "income from investments and other sources."

The source of such revenue doesn't have to be publicly disclosed.

In 2019, the Liberals reported more than $106,000 in other revenue, drawing criticism from the opposition parties. In 2020, the Liberals reported around $22,500 in other revenue.

On the other hand, the Yukon Party's other revenue revenue was way up, at just over $66,000. In 2019, the Yukon Party reported $13,000. The NDP reported zero other revenue in 2020, after bringing in $1,800 the year before.


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