Yukon pharmacists' request for expanded powers gets positive response from 3 parties

The Yukon Pharmacists Association has received positive responses from the Yukon Party, NDP and Liberals to its open letter on expanding their role.

Open letter pointed out most provinces allow pharmacists to renew prescriptions, administer vaccines and more

'We are pleased hear that the parties recognize the need to update our pharmacy and pharmacists’ regulations,' says Josianne Gauthier, president of the Yukon Pharmacists Association. (Yukon Pharmacists Association)

It could be a prescription for change in Yukon after this election — no matter who wins.

Three parties that have replied to an open letter from the Yukon Pharmacists Association say they're open to expanding the profession's role in the territory. 

The Pharmacists Association's open letter asked parties about expanding pharmacists' powers under Yukon's laws.

The association wants pharmacists to be allowed to renew prescriptions, administer vaccines, substitute medications and deliver other services which pharmacists are allowed to provide in most Canadian provinces. 

The Yukon Party, which is led by former pharmacist Darrell Pasloski, pledges work on updating regulations in its response.

"We are confident that if we are re-elected we can complete this work on these regulations within the first year of a new mandate," it says. 

The Yukon Liberals' response pledges similar work.

"We support modernizing the scope of practice of pharmacists to be more current, in a manner that allows the profession to more fully utilize their expertise," it says.

The Yukon NDP also agrees the legislation needs an update.

"We are open to revisiting and renewing the Pharmacists Act in co-operation with your association," reads its response. 

The Yukon Green Party has not provided an answer. 

The Yukon Pharmacists' Association has said it will not endorse one party.

President Josianne Gauthier says the group "is pleased hear that the parties recognize the need to update our pharmacy and pharmacists' regulations."