Yukon NDP slip-up promises 'something something'

The Yukon NDP published some unfinished graphics on its website by mistake, promising to do SOMETHING SOMETHING on the environment, social justice and other issues. The party seems to be taking the social media ribbing in stride.

Online graphics published by mistake to the delight of social media

"It went live and immediately we started getting Tweets at us," says Yukon NDP communications manager Denise MacDonald. "You have to laugh once in a while." (Yukon NDP / Twitter)

The Yukon NDP made a mistake on its website on Wednesday. 

For a brief period of time the party pledged "something something" on the environment, and said it would "something something" the economy and jobs.

It also pledged "something something" for social justice. 

There was some ribbing on social media. 

But the party's taking it in stride. 

Denise MacDonald, the Yukon NDP's communications manager says the party's web team made an error in trying to publish an interactive feature. Some mockup graphics were published without the finally-approved text.

"Campaigns are a such a hectic time with lots of creativity and lots of new ideas bouncing around.  These kinds of things are bound to happen. I think everybody who's had a website has had something similar happen. I think the public will be understanding. You have to have a good time and laugh once in a while."

The party has even made a new campaign slogan out of it, saying "something something" is better than nothing.