Yukon Liberals nominate first 2 candidates as territorial election nears

Territorial politics in Yukon are heating up with the selection this week of two Liberal party candidates for the upcoming election.

Party names hopefuls for Whitehorse Centre and Mount Lorne-Southern Lakes

Tamara Goeppel will run in Whitehorse Centre against Yukon NDP leader Liz Hanson. (Tamara Goeppel)

Territorial politics in Yukon are heating up with the selection this week of two Liberal party candidates for the upcoming election.

The government's five year mandate is running out this fall. Nineteen seats will be up for grabs.

The Liberals only have one seat now – Leader Sandy Silver in Klondike – but are hoping for gains.

Tamara Goeppel is facing a big challenge by taking on NDP leader Liz Hanson in Whitehorse Centre.

"I knew deep down in my heart where I had to run, I have lived in that riding all of my life and I just didn't feel comfortable being parachuted into a riding where I don't know the street names, I've never walked my children to the school," Goeppel said

Goeppel, a well-known business owner, said social services have suffered under the Yukon Party government and she wants to change that.

Green turns red

College instructor and research scientist John Streicker has been nominated in the riding of Mount Lorne-Southern Lakes south of Whitehorse.

He's run in two federal elections as a Green Party candidate, but Streicker said Silver is the best person to be premier.
Former Whitehorse city councillor John Streicker will run in Mount Lorne-Southern Lakes. (Cheryl Kawaja/CBC)

"He's willing to listen to other ideas," he said."So he doesn't always think his way is the only way to think about things or to consider, so he's open to listening. Secondly, when he's in the legislature he doesn't make it into bullying politics or [about] derision or name calling."

The expectation is Yukoners won't be voting until the fall. But there's nothing to stop the Yukon Party government from calling a spring or summer election.

Several would-be candidates have announced they're seeking nominations for the NDP, including sitting MLAs Kevin Barr, Jan Stick and Kate White.

There's been no word yet on any Yukon Party nominations, but the party's annual meeting is scheduled for April 16 in Whitehorse.


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