New fire burns northeast of Watson Lake, Yukon's lightning season begins

A new fire is burning in the Tintina region of the Yukon, northeast of Watson lake.

The 700-hectare fire is burning in a wilderness area 133 kilometres from the community

Yukon Wildland Fire Management says there were 80 lighting strikes in the Tintina region on Monday evening, which resulted in a fire that quickly grew to 700-hectares. (Yukon Wildland Fire Management)

A new fire is burning in Yukon's Tintina region, northeast of Watson lake.

Yukon Wildland Fire Management said the 700-hectare blaze was started by a lightning strike on Monday evening. 

George Maratos, fire information officer, said the fire is large, but luckily it's burning in a wilderness zone about 130 kilometres from the community.

He said a cabin is the only structure in the area. 

"Wildland fire management is putting structural protection in place. So that is essentially removing brush and debris from around the cabin and placing sprinkler kits around the structure and directly on the structure." 

Maratos said the fire is not expected to reach the cabin, but if it does, the sprinkler kits will be activated. The fire will otherwise be left to burn naturally. 

The Tintina fire is the first lightning-caused fire of the year. Ten other fires this season have been started by human activity, including a fire started Saturday near Haines Junction that continues to burn. 

This 700-hectare fire is burning in a wilderness area northeast of Watson Lake. (Yukon Wildland Fire Management)

Crews hold size of Haines Junction fire

Maratos said firefighters, helicopters and a large engine truck are continuing to fight a fire 40 kilometres northwest of Haines Junction.

Despite challenging conditions, he said crews were able to stop the fire from growing on Monday. It remains about 13 hectares in size, and crews will work to contain the fire throughout the week.

"It's a challenging fire just because of the winds in the area and the fuels in the area, but good progress [was] made yesterday."  

Maratos said the Alaska Highway is not impacted at this time, but recommends checking Yukon 511 before travelling towards Burwash. 


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