NDP, Conservatives name Yukon candidates

The NDP and Conservative Party of Canada have named candidates in the upcoming federal election. They are Lisa Vollans-Leduc and Barbara Dunlop, respectively. 

Their work history involves activism and writing romance novels

Lisa Vollans-Leduc, on leave from her job as a policy analyst in the Yukon's Health and Social Services department, has been named the NDP candidate for Yukon. The Conservatives have put forward Barbara Dunlop, a former public servant and romance novelist, according to a Facebook post. (Vincent Bonnay/CBC)

The NDP and Conservative Party of Canada have named Yukon candidates in the upcoming federal election.

They are Lisa Vollans-Leduc for the NDP and Barbara Dunlop for the Conservatives. 

Vollans-Leduc, billed as a labour and human rights activist, states in a news release the election will revolve around reconciliation with First Nations, climate change and affordable housing.

"The NDP is committed to undertaking the important work of reconciliation in good faith, and in true and equal partnership with Indigenous communities across the country," the news release states. 

Vollans-Leduc is on leave from the Department of Health and Social Services, where she works as a policy analyst.

Conservative Party of Canada's Yukon candidate, Barbara Dunlop, poses for a photo on Main St. in downtown Whitehorse. (Barbara Dunlop )

Dunlop takes over as the Conservatives' candidate after the party turfed Jonas Smith over his stance on public health guidelines. Smith is now running as an independent.

According to a social media post, Dunlop is a romance novelist and worked for the public service before retiring. 

"Barbara believes Yukoners deserve solid representation in Ottawa to secure the supports and resources they need to enhance their quality of life and further their dreams for their businesses, families and interests," the post says. 

Last week, Brendan Hanley announced he was taking leave as the territory's chief medical officer and running for the Liberal Party.

A federal election was called on Sunday after Governor General Mary Simon assented to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's request to dissolve Parliament. Canadians head to the polls on Sept. 20.