Undecided? Catch up with Yukon's federal candidates

Each of the five people vying to be Yukon's MP sat down with CBC's Dave White to talk about their plans and policies.

Each of Yukon's 5 candidates spoke to CBC's Dave White and took your questions

Yukon's five federal candidates: Larry Bagnell (Liberal), Justin Lemphers (NDP), Lenore Morris (Green), Jonas Smith (Conservative), Joseph Zelezny (PPC). (CBC)

Election day is nearly here — do you know who will get your vote on Monday?

In Yukon, five people have been campaigning hard to be the territory's MP. They've been travelling the territory, knocking on doors, putting up signs, and taking part in plenty of debates and fora.

Each also had the chance to sit down for a one-on-one chat with Dave White on CBC Yukon's Airplay. Those conversations included questions from listeners, and viewers on Facebook.

Here's a recap of who's on the ballot in Yukon (in alphabetical order).

Larry Bagnell, Liberal Party

Larry Bagnell was elected Yukon MP in 2015. Before that, he held the seat from 2000 to 2011. 

Justin Lemphers, NDP

Justin Lemphers is a first-time candidate. The last time Yukoners elected a New Democrat as MP was in 1997.

Lenore Morris, Green Party

Lenore Morris is a first-time candidate. The territory has never elected a Green MP.

Jonas Smith, Conservative Party

Jonas Smith is a first-time candidate. A Conservative was last elected Yukon MP in 2011. 

Joseph Zelezny, People's Party

Joseph Zelezny is a first-time candidate, and the first People's Party candidate in Yukon.


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