North·YUKON VOTES 2021

Who's running in the Yukon election? Here's the list

The ballots are set for Yukon's general election on April 12. Here are the 56 people running in the territory's 19 electoral districts.

56 people are running in the territory's 19 electoral districts

Nominations closed earlier this week in Yukon. Voting day is April 12. (CBC)

The ballots are set for Yukon's general election on April 12. Nominations closed earlier this week, and the deadline to remove names from ballots passed on Wednesday.

Fifty-six people are running for seats in Yukon's 19 electoral districts. Candidates for each district are listed here alphabetically, and incumbent candidates' names are in italics.

Whitehorse-area ridings

Copperbelt North 

Ted Adel (Liberal)

Currie Dixon (Yukon Party leader)

Saba Javed (NDP)

Copperbelt South

Scott Kent (Yukon Party)

Sheila Robertson (Liberal)

Kaori Torigai (NDP)


Michelle Friesen (NDP)

Jeanie McLean (Liberal)

Coach Jan Prieditis (Independent)

Ray Sydney (Yukon Party)

Porter Creek Centre

Yvonne Clarke (Yukon Party)

Paolo Gallina (Liberal)

Shonagh McCrindle (NDP)

Porter Creek North

Staci McIntosh (Liberal)

Geraldine Van Bibber (Yukon Party)

Francis Van Kessel (NDP)

Porter Creek South

Colette Acheson (NDP)

Ranj Pillai (Liberal)

Chad Sjodin (Yukon Party)

Riverdale North

Cory Adams (Yukon Party)

Nils Clarke (Liberal)

Vanessa Thorson (NDP)

Riverdale South

Jason Cook (NDP)

Cynthia Lyslo (Yukon Party)

Tracy McPhee (Liberal)

Takhini-Kopper King

Raj Murugaiyan (Liberal) 

Kate White (NDP leader)

Morgan Yuill (Yukon Party)

Whitehorse Centre 

Dan Curtis (Liberal)

Eileen Melnychuk (Yukon Party)

Emily Tredger (NDP)

Whitehorse West

Ron Davis (NDP)

Angela Drainville (Yukon Party)

Richard Mostyn (Liberal)

The Yukon legislature building in Whitehorse. (Steve Silva/CBC)

Ridings outside of Whitehorse


Chris Clarke (NDP)

Charlie Dagostin (Yukon Party)

Sandy Silver (Liberal leader)


Luke Campbell (Liberal)

Wade Istchenko (Yukon Party)

Dave Weir (NDP)

Lake Laberge

Ian A. Angus (NDP)

Brad Cathers (Yukon Party)

Tracey Jacobs (Liberal)

Mayo Tatchun

Peter Grundmanis (Yukon Party)

Jeremy Harper (Liberal)

Patty Wallingham (NDP)

Mount Lorne-Southern Lakes

Erik Pinkerton (NDP)

Eric Schroff (Yukon Party)

John Streicker (Liberal) 

Pelly Nisutlin

Katherine Alexander (Liberal)

George Bahm (NDP)

Stacey Hassard (Yukon Party)

Vuntut Gwitchin

Annie Blake (NDP)

Pauline Frost (Liberal)

Watson Lake 

Amanda Brown (Liberal)

Patti McLeod (Yukon Party)