Yukon environmental educator taking his 'eco-songs' on the road

Remy Rodden is retiring from Yukon Government after 30 years as an environmental educator. The musician plans to devote more time to his music career, singing 'eco-songs' to children.

Remy Rodden is retiring from 3 decades with the Yukon Government, plans to dedicate more time to music

Remy Rodden, left, performs with Peter Lenton at Yukon Arts Centre. (Submitted by Remy Rodden)

A long-time Yukon environmental educator is singing his way out the door.

Remy Rodden has been with Yukon's Department of Environment for about 30 years, teaching and performing in classrooms around the territory as the manager of environmental education and youth programs. 

Rodden has also maintained a side-career as a songwriter and musician, releasing "eco-song" albums in 1997 and 2011. His Think about the Planet album includes tracks such as "What's That, Habitat?" and "The Caribou Song."

Rodden says it will be a luxury to be able to devote more time to marketing and song writing, with a focus on music for children. 

"It's time to move onto other forms of environmental learning and teaching," he said about his retirement from government work. 

Remy Rodden is releasing a new album this fall. (Miguel Rodden)

Rodden has collaborated with many musicians over the years, including Peter Lenton, who performs under the name Peter Puffin. Lenton joined Rodden in the territory this week for a musical tour of classrooms. 

Lenton, also an educator and children's musician, is a big promoter of Rodden's work. 

"I just get this very warm, heartful feeling about various musicians and Remy is one of those where you really wish the world could hear more of their artistry," Lenton said. 

The pair are also performing at Whitehorse's Old Fire Hall Saturday afternoon as part of the BreakOut West festival. 

Rodden, who has already performed on every continent, plans to bring more of his music to the Yukon and world with his new free time. His upcoming album, Think about the Wild, is due out this fall.

With files from Dave White


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