Construction company and owner fined $7,000 in Yukon court

Cobalt Construction faces penalties for failing to file environmental paperwork by a March 2016 deadline.

Cobalt Construction penalized for failing to file environmental paperwork by deadline

Cobalt Construction and owner Shaun Rudolph were fined a total of $7,000, plus $1,050 in victim fine surcharges, in territorial court Monday. (Claudiane Samson/Radio-Canada)

Cobalt Construction Inc. and its owner, Shaun Rudolph, have been fined under Yukon's Environment Act for contravening an environmental protection order related to the decommissioning of a land treatment facility near Destruction Bay.

The company was fined $4,000 plus a $600 victim fine surcharge, and Rudolph was fined $3,000 plus a $450 surcharge.

The government claimed the company had failed to "submit a detailed decommissioning plan for approval" for the Nines Creek Land Treatment Facility, where Cobalt began remediating a fuel spill in 2013.

The defendants were originally acquitted in territorial court, where Rudolph testified the company was under a deadline that required it to test soil samples in March 2016, when the ground was frozen.

The Yukon Supreme Court reversed the acquittal earlier this year, however, saying the company has many years of experience working in the North, so it was well aware of what conditions are like in March.

The company did inform the government it would begin soil sampling in June, but the government said that did not meet the requirements of the regulations.

Cobalt is also banned from applying for any Environmental Act permits until the fines are paid. The company and Rudolph have until Dec. 31 to pay.