Record number of ballots cast in Yukon's advance polls

Just under 3,000 people cast advance poll ballots in the last territorial election, in 2011. That record was broken on Sunday, the first of two advance poll days this year.

More people voted on 1st advance polling day this year than over 2 days in 2011

Advance polls were open on Sunday and Monday. The general election is on Nov. 7. (CBC)

More Yukoners appear to be taking advantage of advance polling days to cast their ballot in the territorial election.

The general election is next Monday, Nov. 7. Advance polls were open Sunday and again today.

On Sunday alone, the number of people who cast ballots was 3,031 — more than the 2,827 who voted in two days of advance polls in the 2011 election, and more than twice as many who voted in 2006's advance polls (1,495).

"It does seem like more and more people are taking advantage of the advance polls," said Dave Wilkie, Yukon's assistant chief electoral officer.

He notes that the polls have been open longer this year (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.), but also says the growing turnout before election day is not unusual to Yukon.

"It's part of a trend, really, across the country that advance poll numbers seem to go up every election, from one part of the country to the other," he said.

Elections Yukon will have a final count how many took advantage of the advance polls sometime after they close on Monday evening.

Elections Yukon says there are 22,857 people on the voting list so far, but more are expected to register right up to voting day. In 2011, there were 20,730 names on the official list of electors, and in 2006 there were 18,681.

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