Your North: Best reader photos from November

December is almost here, and we're celebrating the holiday season with a gallery of your best shots from the month that was. 

Send in your photos to our Facebook page or email

Six generations of Inuit. Hana Aola sent us this gorgeous family photo from Arctic Bay, Nunavut. (Submitted by Hana Aola)

December is almost here, and we're celebrating the holiday season with a gallery of your best shots from the month that was. 

Enjoy these spectacular shots of the season — and don't forget to send us your photos via our Facebook pages!

Looks like a sculpture! Barney Kovic sent this spectacular iceberg photo to our CBC Nunavut Facebook page. (Submitted by Barney Kovic)
Stunning sundogs over the N.W.T.'s North Arm Park. This beautiful view was sent to us by Amanda Thomson. (Submitted by Amanda Thomson)
The lights in this photo taken by Kristian Binder over Inuvik, N.W.T., are truly jaw-dropping. 'That’s the ambient light from the airport reflecting on the clouds on the right side of the frame. Made for a very cool look!' (Submitted by Kristian Binder)
Annie Curley sent us this very northern view of a full moon, flanked by an inuksuk, in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.
'Rudolph was spotted in north Yukon on the banks of the Porcupine River,' says Brenda Frost. She said Marvin Frost Sr. made these homemade reindeer, and that lights will be added for Christmas. (Submitted by Brenda Frost)
A magnificent morning look over Aklavik, N.W.T., was sent to us by Carlene Koe. (Submitted by Carlene Koe)
The changing seasons are no problem for good boy Szotyi, as seen in this photo from Whitehorse's Renata Lendvai. (Submitted by Renata Lendvai)
Changing seasons: Julien Schroder sent us this frosty photo from the Cameron River Rampart falls, near Yellowknife. (Submitted by Julien Schroder)
Nothing like being out on the land. Maggie Tooktoo sent us this incredible photo of her boyfriend, Joshua Kettler, butchering a caribou outside of Inukjuak, Nunavik. (Submitted by Maggie Tooktoo)
Frosty windshields are all over the territories this time of year, but few are as gorgeous as this one. Loretta Margaret Wiley shared this shot from Norman Wells, N.W.T. Look close - you can see the stars in the background!
Bohemian Waxwings have been making the rounds to Mountain Ash trees across Whitehorse. Thanks to Steve Wilson for this colourful closeup. (Submitted by Steve Wilson)
The lights of winter: Manny Noble sent us this incredible overhead view of Iqaluit. (Submitted by Manny Noble)


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