Your North: Best reader photos for the weeks of April 8, 15, 22

As the calendar rapidly heads towards May, spring sights are abundant across the territories, highlighted in some of your incredible photos from the past few weeks.

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Celebrate! The 20th-annual Nunavut Quest sled dog race ended earlier this month in Arctic Bay, Nunavut. Locals participated in the annual tradition of lifting up the sleds of participants as they crossed the finish line. The 300-kilometre, week-long race began in Pond Inlet. (Submitted by Hannah Kadloo)

As the calendar rapidly heads towards May, spring sights are abundant across the territories. Take a look at your best photos of the past few weeks from Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon:

What a moment! 'Caught this cute couple having an argument yesterday evening in Sachs Harbour (N.W.T.),' Cassandre Mason wrote. (Submitted by Cassandre Mason)
Simply stunning. This sundog shot, taken by Julia Qatsiya outside of Cape Dorset, Nunavut, received over 1,000 likes on our CBC Nunavut Facebook page. It's easy to see why. (Submitted by Julia Qatsiya)
Chris Kelly shared this 1:30 a.m. sunset with the aurora over the Arctic Ocean from Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. He says at the time, it was a crisp -35 C with the windchill! (Submitted by Chris Kelly)
A spring treat in Yukon: enjoying the heat of the sunshine from the coolness of a snow bank. Tannis Thompson spotted this lynx near Jarvis Creek. (Submitted by Tannis Thompson)
Nice haul! Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut's Atamie Innualuk sent us this shot of a recent fishing trip. (Submitted by Atamie Innualuk)
Nice day for making an igloo! Johnny Arnaituk sent this Northern selfie to our CBC Nunavut Facebook page. (Submitted by Johnny Arnaituk)
How's that for a picturesque spring shot? Marianna Berko took this shot over Fish Lake, Yukon. (Submitted by Marianna Berko)
It looks like the mouth of some enormous creature, but it's actually ice and snow! Myrtle Graham shared this photo of one chunk splitting apart during the spring melt at the N.W.T.'s Alexandra Falls. (Submitted by Myrtle Graham)
The aurora dance over a gorgeous owl mural in Iqaluit, captured in this shot by Bill Williams. (Submitted by Bill Williams)
This little guy's ready for spring! Minnie Clark took this shot of a ground squirrel at Little Atlin Lake, Yukon. (Submitted by Minnie Clark)
Stars and aurora dance over Fort Simpson, N.W.T., in this amazing composite shot from Todd Noseworthy. (Submitted by Todd Noseworthy)
'Tis the season for these little treasures to start springing up! Lara Melnik sent this seasonal shot to our CBC Yukon Facebook page. (Submitted by Lara Melnik)