Your North: Best reader photos for the week of September 21

Here are some of your best photos this week from around the North.

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These beautiful northern lights were captured in Takhini North, Yukon. Thanks so much to Eng Khoon Chua who sent us this picture. (Submitted by Eng Khoon Chua)

Take a moment from your day and take in these great photos from around the North.

Yukon is beautiful. Natasha Peter says this shot was captured during a hunting trip. Stellar! Thanks, Natasha. (Submitted by Natasha Peter)
Look at that amazing sunset over Madeleine Lake, N.W.T. 'My fiancé and I just went out on the canoe and when the sun started setting the whole sky just turned orange/pink. I’ve never seen such vibrant colours. It was beautiful reflecting off the lake.' Thanks for sharing this lovely photo and story with us, Sarah. (Submitted by Sarah Cox)
A dusting of snow doesn't get in the way of a great sunset. Dion Sanguya sends this one from Clyde River, Nunavut. Thanks! (Submitted by Dion Sanguya)
Julien Schroder took this amazing photo of the Milky Way over Louise falls, N.W.T. He says 'we don't get the chance to see the galaxy for long up here, we can see the edge of the core only in the fall so that is the perfect timing to go and check it out.' (Submitted by Julien Schroder)
Susu Robin sent us this photo from her walk in Whitehorse's Porter Creek neighbourhood. A perfect shot at the perfect moment! (Submitted by Susu Robin)
This spectacular display was captured over the Fish Lake area of Yukon. Thanks for this photo, Mark Wu. (Submitted by Mark Wu)