Your North: CBC North's best reader photos of 2017

With 2017 coming to an end, we looked back at your best user-submitted photos of the year. Many more are deserving, but here are the 10 best from across the North, plus 20 honourable mentions, as chosen by CBC North.

From Northern Lights to northern life: Your top 10 photos of the year, plus 20 honourable mentions

It was another incredible year for user-submitted shots from across the North, and with 2017 coming to an end, CBC North looked back at your best shots of the year. Many more are deserving, but here the top 10, plus 20 honourable mentions:

1. So close, you can almost touch them: Yellowknife's Collin Goyman snapped this amazing view at 1 a.m., while flying out to a medevac. The beautiful staging, unique setting and sense of wonder all come together to make this your best photo of the year from across the North. (submitted by Collin Goyman)
2. Devon Manik captured this striking shot during a storm in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. A blizzard, a sunset and a little blue sky: a recipe for pure magic. (Submitted by Devon Manik)
3. A slice of heaven: Julian Sheppard took this incredible shot on Whitehorse's McLean Lake Road. (Submitted by Julian Sheppard)
4. When this polar bear crashed a cabin outside Inukjuak, Que., it caused quite a stir online - and for good reason. The bear's bewildered expression as it hunkers down in the cabin makes for a fantastic northern scene. (Submitted by Pauloosie Kasudluak)
5. Heading out to meet the day. Alec Jase Sandro Etunga is all of one year old. Shann Kayaitok sent us this shot of him playing with a homemade snow sled in Kugaaruk, Nunavut. (Submitted by Shann Kayaitok)
6. Fred Lemire shared with our CBC Nunavut Facebook page some great photos of snowy owlets. Here's his story of trying to find them again: 'After riding my ATV through difficult terrain for a few hours and hiking up and down through valleys and hills for a few more hours, I finally arrived at the place where I first discovered the small owlets. However, these little guys grow fast and had moved. I was almost ready to head back to town when I saw one at my foot and the other one was nearby. I backed away so as not to disturb them and spent another hour photographing them. Today, I earned my shots.' (Submitted by Fred Lemire)
7. Yukon photographer Minnie Clark knows how to quietly keep her distance and still capture some incredible shots: 'Packed up the telephoto lenses and hiked into one of the creeks and spent a whole day watching a young family enjoying the wild flowers,' she wrote. (submitted by Minnie Clark)
8. This huge rock formation near Arctic Bay, Nunavut, is simply mind-blowing. Called 'Qarlinngua,' the formation resembles a massive pair of pants. (Submitted by Max Kalluk)
9. Hikers - on two legs and four - were heading back out onto trails across the Yukon in the spring. Adil Syed shared us this majestic shot of his travelling companion, on a journey to the top of Caribou Mountain. (submitted by Adil Syed)
10. Our top 10 wouldn't be complete without an amazing aurora shot. This one - complete with the Milky Way - was taken by Martin Male near Powder Point, N.W.T. (submitted by Martin Male)
Honourable mention: Out for a twilight skate. Josia Akpaliapik sent us this shot after having a bit of fun with his camera near Arctic Bay, Nunavut. (Submitted by Josia Akpaliapik)
Honourable mention: A beautiful moon halo was spotted over Yellowknife in February. Philip Reyes got a great shot of the phenomenon. (submitted by Philip Reyes)
Honourable mention: Don't stop digging. Minnie Alaku sent us this shot following a major storm in Kangirsujuaq in northern Quebec. (Geela Alaku/Submitted by Minnie Alaku)
Honourable mention: Talk about an incredible shot. Geoffrey Rodriguez captured these amazing northern lights, and a shooting star to boot, when stopping to take some photos on the highway to Yellowknife. (Submitted by Geoffrey Rodriguez)
Honourable mention: Folks in Norman Wells, N.W.T. were treated to an incredible show this November: a beautiful night of aurora, while ice crystals over the community added amazing light pillars. Nicky Lynn Richards sent us this amazing shot. (Submitted by Nicky Lynn Richards)
Honourable mention: I think we've all been there before. Samantha Jane-Ann sent us this shot of a pair of polar bears in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. (Submitted by Samantha Jane-Ann)
Honourable mention: An adorable Arctic fox looks as if it's begging to be pet. However, as any Nunavut resident would tell you, it's best not to get too close. Keven Tremblay sent this shot to our CBC Nunavut Facebook page. (submitted by Keven Tremblay)
Honourable mention: Out for a slide. David Kilabuk sent us this shot of a snowy - and soft - landing from Pangnirtung, Nunavut. (submitted by David Kilabuk)
Honourable mention: There were some spectacular light shows this fall in Whitehorse. This shot, by Maggie Leary, captures the magic. (Submitted by Maggie Leary)
Honourable mention: As fire season began in the Northwest Territories. Connie Villeneuve sent us this striking photo of a crew working on a blaze near Jean Marie River. (Submitted by Connie Villeneuve)
Honourable mention: 'Spent a gorgeous hot and sun-filled weekend at the Bruce Family camp at Driftwood River, 50 miles upriver from Old Crow (Yukon),' writes Frances Ross, who sent us this spectacular photo in July. 'People are anticipating the salmon run that is about to arrive in town.' (submitted by Frances Ross)
Honourable mention: A polar bear with a thousand-yard stare: Natalie Gillis snapped this shot near the ice floe edge in Pond Inlet, Nunavut. (submitted by Natalie Gillis)
Honourable mention: Now that's a sundog - or is it two? Jon Cormier sent this fantastic shot, from Sachs Harbour, to our CBC NWT Facebook page. (submitted by Jon Cormier)
Honourable mention: Melissa Croskery admitted she was caught by surprise when this visitor walked right up to her front door. 'This was our morning visitor. He came right up to the door where I was kneeling to take a photo!' She wrote, submitting this shot to our CBC Yukon Facebook page. (Submitted by Melissa Croskery)
Honourable mention: The aurora settles over Hay River, N.W.T., in late August, in this fantastic shot by Don Wilson. (Submitted by Don Wilson)
Honourable mention: Arctic temperatures don't mean puppies can't have a bit of fun. Devon Manik sent us this shot from Resolute Bay, Nunavut. (submitted by Devon Manik)
Honourable mention: The Northwest Territories was home to some incredible aurora storms this winter. This shot was taken by Ray Chiasson just outside Yellowknife. (submitted by Ray Chiasson)
Honourable mention: Time and concentration. Kyle Sears sent this great photo of an unusual stone cairn he photographed near Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Imagine the work in building this one. (submitted by Kyle Sears)
Honourable mention: 'Every aurora season I try to get a photo of the northern lights behind the Igloo Church here in Inuvik, N.W.T.' wrote Kristian Binder, who sent us this amazing shot in September. 'Last night I think I got my favourite one yet!' (Submitted by Kristian Binder)
Honourable mention: Raven aerobatics? Robert Postma sent this amazing shot of two birds strutting their stuff to our CBC Yukon Facebook page. (submitted by Robert Postma)