Yellowknife passengers get surprise security screenings

Travellers flying out of Yellowknife's airport to Northern communities are having to go through security if their flight coincides with Air North's new Ottawa route.

Travellers heading to Northern communities get caught in new Air North flight's security net

Passengers get surprise security screenings

8 years ago
Duration 2:30
Passengers get surprise security screenings

Travellers flying out of Yellowknife's airport to Northern communities might have to allow a little extra time as they may be required to go through security.

The new Air North flight leaving Yellowknife Mondays and Thursdays for Ottawa requires its passengers to be screened. But passengers leaving around the same time for Northern communities have been surprised to find they are also being screened. 

Passengers travelling on flights between Northern communities do not usually have to go through security screenings.

Earl Blacklock with the Department of Transportation says airlines with flights to Northern communities could choose to use one of the airport's other gates.

"The airlines do have an opportunity to move their gate to another gate that is non secure, but they've made the choice to have their passengers go through the secure screening room," he said. 

Airlines such as Canadian North say it's important passengers arrive at least an hour before their flight time. However travellers are not being notified of the security change when they make their booking.