'Is this real life?': Yellowknife family wins nearly $21K in Family Feud Canada

The Hernandez family took home $20,915 after competing in three episodes of the TV game show hosted by comedian Gerry Dee.

Aaron 'Godson' Hernandez and his family competed in 3 episodes of game show

Yellowknife's Hernandez family won nearly $21,000 on CBC's Family Feud Canada. (Submitted by Aaron Hernandez)

Aaron Hernandez introduced his family to a national TV audience by spitting some hot fire on Family Feud Canada.

"Roll call … Godson is a rapper on the Family Feud," rapped the Yellowknife musician — who goes by "Godson" — and car salesman before name-dropping his team members.

"We reppin' Yellowknife for the Family Feud." 

The Hernandez family took home $20,915 after playing in three consecutive episodes of the game show, hosted by comedian Gerry Dee. The show sees families battle it out for up to $30,000 by guessing the most popular answers to quirky survey questions.

"I was just like, is this real life?" said Aaron, who was joined on the game show stage by his wife Melissa Hernandez, brother and sister Noel and Anneluzelia Hernandez, and his cousin Jessy-Anne Borero Hernandez.

"We had an awesome, life changing experience." 

I was jumping up and down as high as I can.- Aaron Hernandez, Contestant on

For Melissa, getting the chance to play "Fast Money" was "surreal."

"It's a show that I watched as a kid growing up with my family, so to be able to play that game [was an] amazing experience," she said.

The whole experience — travelling to Toronto together and winning cash together — was a bonding experience, said Aaron Hernandez. (Aaron Godson Hernandez/Facebook)

Aaron shouted out Melissa for advancing the team.

"It was really easy for me to clean up after she took almost all the points on the board," he said. 

The episodes were pre-taped several weeks ago, so the family got to watch themselves on the show with a bar full of cheering supporters at Yellowknife's Top Knight this week. Hernandez said the city's residents have shown much pride in their hometown champions. 

'A little injury happened'

To be sure, the experience wasn't without bloopers. 

"When we won the [initial] 10 grand, like, it was probably one of the best moments of my life, and I was jumping up and down as high as I can," said Aaron.

The host came over to join in the jubilation and that's when things took a turn.

"We were in a circle huddle leaping up and down, Gerry came and hugged us and was jumping up and down with us, and I guess my shoulder or my arm connected with his jaw," said Aaron. "And a little injury happened."

Luckily, that injury wasn't too serious, said the family. 

"He was fine but he was obviously sore and we totally felt bad," said Jessy-Anne. 

The whole experience — travelling to Toronto together and winning cash together — was a bonding experience, said Aaron. 

What's next for the winning family?

"I don't know," he said. "Amazing Race, maybe?"

Written by Sidney Cohen, based on an interview with Lawrence Nayally produced by Joanne Stassen


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