Yellowknife council approves Old Town brew pub

Yellowknife city council approved a restaurant permit for a waterfront brew pub on the condition the owners provide 12 parking spots.

Conditional permit requires pub to have 12 parking spots

Yellowknife city council approved a conditional restaurant permit for a waterfront brew pub next to the Government Dock, Monday night.

The permit is on the condition that NWT Brewing Company will come up with 12 parking spots at the site of the proposed pub.

The landlord has already rented out most of the parking spots to houseboaters but Fletcher Stevens, one of the owners of the brewing company, said he's been working with the landlord to come up with the dozen spots.

"We're not too worried about it hindering our operations too much, because there's so many different options out there, creative ways to solve this problem," he said.

Stevens said in the winter people can park on the ice in front of the dock and during the summer months he plans to encourage his customers to walk or take a taxi.

Stevens said he hopes to have the brew pub open by the fall.

Check out the plans for the brew pub in the document below.

Pilot's Monument update

Yellowknife city council is also moving forward with plans to give Pilot's Monument a facelift.

Monday night, council re-zoned some of land on the hill to be a park. Council also reviewed the plans for the Government Dock.

"So those concepts will now go back for one final round of public consultations. And give our residents one last opportunity to have our say of what that looks like," said Mark Heyck, Yellowknife’s mayor.

Heyck said the next round of public consultations will be held at the end of this month, into early June.

He expects some work to get under way in Old Town this summer.

Check the document below to see the site plans for the Government Dock and Pilot's Monument. The city is moving forward with Option 1 for Pilot's Monument.