Yellowknife could get more N.W.T. legislature seats

Yellowknife could get more representation in two of three scenarios which the Northwest Territories' Electoral Boundaries Commission is considering.

Two of three proposed scenarios would increase Yellowknife representation

Yellowknife could get more representation in two of three scenarios which the Northwest Territories’ Electoral Boundaries Commission is considering.

The three-member panel tabled its interim report Monday. It is considering options originally laid out when it was established in October 2012.

The commission is considering whether to reduce the number of ridings to 18, keep it at 19 or increase seats to 21.

Yellowknife would get more representation if the number of seats remain the same or are increased.

A boundaries commission has offered three scenarios for the Legislative Assembly - increase the seats to 21, keep it at 19, or decrease the seats to 18. (Canadian Press)

That worries some in smaller centres, who say they are already outnumbered by Yellowknife MLAs.

David Brock is the territory's chief electoral officer and works with the commission. He said boundaries are being redrawn to reflect population.

Brock said they are also considering issues like land claims and languages.

"What's the historical relationship between these communities? Is there a geographical connection for ease of transportation, thinking of things, for in the future a member is going to have to travel to these communities to represent their constituents and even for candidates to run an election campaign," he said.

In all three scenarios, the report suggests splitting the Tlicho communities into different ridings..

It also suggests getting rid of the Tu Nedhe riding by grouping Lutsel'ke and Fort Resolution with different, existing ridings.

People will be able to give feedback on the proposal at public hearings in 13 communities.

Those hearings began Monday and continue until March 13, 2013.

The deadline to file submissions is March 28th.