'Thank you Yellowknife': Locals give truck-obsessed toddler an epic birthday parade

A group of Yellowknife businesses through an epic birthday parade for truck-obsessed Iiro Armitage's second birthday.

More than a dozen loader, semi, garbage and water trucks drove past Iiro Armitage's house

Lara Mountain posted on Facebook a few weeks ago that her truck-obsessed two year old would love for a truck or two to drive by their house on his birthday. More than a dozen businesses responded with a birthday parade Tuesday. Loaders used their buckets to deliver presents. (Hilary Bird/CBC News)

Iiro Armitage has been obsessed with big trucks for months.

That's a pretty long time considering he just turned two.

"My mom sent him a little dump truck when he was small and that became his favourite toy," said Lara Mountain, Iiro's mom. "I brought home dolls and other types of things and he would just drive over them with his trucks. So we just went with it."

Two-year-old Iiro has been obsessed with trucks ever since his grandmother gave him a dump truck when he was a baby. (Hilary Bird/CBC News)

A few weeks ago, Mountain posted on a public Yellowknife Facebook group that her son would soon be turning two and that if anyone had trucks he'd love a drive-by for his birthday. Drive-by birthday parades have become a thing in the N.W.T. during the COVID-19 pandemic and the self-isolation orders it has brought with it.

The post garnered a lot of attention and Tuesday morning, on the tiny Yellowknife subdivision of Trails End, more than a dozen loader, semi, water and garbage trucks led a birthday parade for Iiro.

"I was feeling a little blue that the grandparents couldn't come up ... but we had this enormous response this morning," Mountain said, laughing.

Two loaders even carried birthday presents in their buckets and dropped them on Mountain's driveway.

WATCH: The toddler's epic birthday parade in action

Iiro's grandparents watched the parade by video chat on Mountain's phone.

"That just blew me a way. I had no idea. I started to choke up. My son was sitting on my shoulders and I could feel him just shaking as a big truck drove by," Mountain says.

"Thank you, Yellowknife."

Iiro Armitage, his mom Lara Mountain and his father, Jeremy Armitage, wait for the birthday parade to start on their tiny street in the Trails End subdivision. (Hilary Bird/CBC News)


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