Yellowknife airport world’s most female pilot-friendly

The Yellowknife airport won the distinction after an event helped more than 400 young women interested in aviation take to the skies.

Airport helped more than 400 girls take to the skies

The Yellowknife airport has won the distinction of being the world’s most female pilot-friendly airport in the world after an event earlier this month.

On March 10, the airport helped more than 400 young women who are interested in aviation take to the skies during an event for the global Women of Aviation week.

Yellowknife was competing with cities in seven different countries who had pilots flying airplanes and helicopters, all with the idea of introducing young women to aviation.

The big turnout meant that Yellowknife had more young women participating in the event than anywhere else. The awards were announced April 4.

Yellowknife pilot Kirsten Brazier helped organize the event. She said she hopes to hang on to the title next year. (CBC)

"It means for the next year, Yellowknife gets to hang on to this trophy and proudly boast they're the most female pilot-friendly airport in the world, and that just shows to anyone in the North that we can do it and to girls everywhere – there all of kinds of opportunities that they can explore. There’s scholarships and Yellowknife is a great place to explore all this," said veteran pilot Kirsten Brazier, who organized the event.

Brazier said she has even bigger plans for next year, with the hopes of hanging on to the title.

This is the first year Yellowknife has participated in the event.