CBC launches its 1st Cree language podcast, Wiih'teh

Betsy Longchap, a senior reporter and host working with CBC North's Cree unit in Montreal, introduces CBC's first Cree language podcast.

Each episode will feature Cree words about the weather, seasons, and other stories

Betsy Longchap says the Cree language podcast is to recognize the International Year of Indigenous Languages. (CBC)

I first learned the Cree syllabics when I went to elementary school in my home town of Mistissini, Que. 

I have fond memories of learning our Cree language. 

We learned the Cree alphabet, we sang the Cree alphabet, and we learned how to write our names in Cree.

I am honoured and very proud to speak my language today. I am extremely proud to use it at work here at CBC North.

I am still learning Cree today. I learn it from people I talk to and from talking to the elders who speak the Cree language fluently.

Here at CBC North, we will be bringing you the first podcast in the Eastern James Bay Southern and Northern Cree dialect. It is called Wiih'teh.

We are bringing you the Cree language podcast to recognize the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

We also wanted to talk about how Cree is evolving in our own communities and throughout Eeyou/Eenou Istchee.

In each episode we will bring you Cree words about the weather, seasons, and other stories. We will also share the new words we are learning.

Mary Shem is co-hosting the Cree podcast with Betsy Longchap. The first two episodes of Wiih'teh are out. (CBC)

Perhaps launching the Cree language podcast will encourage children, young people and others to learn and speak Cree. 

We hope this Cree language podcast will inspire Cree conversations daily, and help maintain and strengthen the Cree language.

I am looking forward to launching our Cree language podcast with my co-host Mary Shem.

You can listen to all of the episodes here.


Betsy Longchap is Eenouch from the Cree community of Mistissini in northern Quebec. She brings a keen storytelling ability to her role as a senior radio host and journalist with the CBC North Cree unit in Montreal. Most recently, she co-hosted CBC's first Cree-language podcast, Wiih'teh.