Whitehorse sewage lagoon is stinkier than usual, city confirms

City officials aren't sure why the lagoon's aerators aren't working but they're looking into alternate ways to reduce the odour.

Aerators that are supposed to reduce odour not working

The City of Whitehorse has figured out why the city's sewage lagoon smells so bad this spring.

At the Whitehorse City Council meeting Monday night, Councillor Jocelyn Curteanu said the smell was due to faulty aerators.

The aerators are supposed to reduce the smell from the lagoon. City officials aren't sure why the aerators aren't working but they're looking into alternate ways to reduce the odour from the lagoon.

The city says the lagoon always tends to have a strong odour for a couple of weeks during the spring thaw but this year nearby residents complained the smell was particularly strong.


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