Whitehorse's CJUC radio station wants to expand its reach

Whitehorse's community radio station, CJUC, is raising money to increase its broadcast range. CJUC is run by volunteers out of a small building in Shipyards Park.

'We have things to say we have music to play, we have ideas that we want to get out to the public'

CJUC is broadcast out of this tiny building in Whitehorse's Shipyards park. (Meagan Deuling/CBC)

Whitehorse's community radio station is raising money to increase its broadcast range.

CJUC, or 92.5 FM, is run out of the Chambers House, a small building in Shipyards Park. The signal is sent from there to an antenna on top of the Yukon Arts Centre, where there is a 30 Watt amplifier.

The broadcast range currently reaches downtown Whitehorse and parts of Riverdale and Porter Creek.

Bill Polonsky is the volunteer manager of Whitehorse's community radio station. The hardware seen in this image is all the station uses to broadcast. (Meagan Deuling/CBC)

Bill Polonsky, a volunteer who manages CJUC, says the station has a 600 Watt amplifier he wants to move to Haeckel Hill.

In order to do so Polonsky needs a technical engineering brief to give to the Canadian Radio-Television Communications Commission. The brief costs $5,000. 

Polonsky says CJUC has raised $1,000 and is planning a record sale and other fundraisers in the new year to raise the remaining amount. 

Then listeners will be able to tune into the station from Fox Lake, Marsh Lake, the Ibex Valley and the Lake Laberge area.

"We want to be heard because we have things to say we have music to play, we have ideas that we want to get out to the public, and we want to get our signal out to as many people as possible," Polonsky says. 

The volunteer-run station plays local content which includes a French langauge show and a jazz show, syndicated podcasts and music programs.


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