Whitehorse residents swamp new family doctors

Two of three new family doctors who arrived in Whitehorse this summer have full patient loads and a third is booked up into October.

Patients have quickly snapped up four new family doctors who arrived in Whitehorse this summer.

Three new doctors hung their shingles at Klondike Medical Clinic. Two of them already have a full patient load, while the third is booked into October for "meet and greet" appointments.

A receptionist at the clinic said the phone has been ringing off the hook, with 150 calls received just yesterday.

But for those still without a family doctor, there is hope: another new GP has room for patients.

Dr. Jake Morash has just graduated from medical school in Nova Scotia and is working at Taiga Clinic.

"I think it all starts with a family doctor, to co-ordinate all the specialists," he said.

"And it's better if it's just one family doctor than multiple people sending them to multiple specialists so I think one doctor kind of quarterbacking the care of the patient is definitely what patients need."

Morash said he has close to 1,000 patients right now.

Meanwhile, the Parhelion Clinic in Watson Lake is open, with two doctors currently on staff.