Whitehorse's new rainbow crosswalk vandalized

An eyewitness says a driver deliberately spun their tires to create skid marks, then returned to do it again. The rainbow crosswalk was painted last week to show the city's support for the Pride movement.

Mayor Dan Curtis calls it an act of 'ignorance', and vows skid marks will be removed

An eyewitness says a driver deliberately left skid marks on the rainbow crosswalk downtown, and then returned to do it a second time. (Philippe Morin/CBC)

Whitehorse's new rainbow crosswalk has been vandalised, only a few days after it was painted.

An eyewitness says a driver in a pickup truck deliberately spun the tires Monday to create skid marks. The driver then reportedly returned a second time, creating four marks in all.  

The rainbow colours represent the Pride movement, and the crosswalk painted at Main Street along Third Avenue is intended as a gesture of respect and inclusion.

Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis calls the vandalism an act of ignorance. 

"It's very predictable, and it just showcases and highlights the reason we're doing this," he said.  

"It showcases there is a segment of our population — small as it may be — that is ignorant. They feel they have to disgrace something like this."

Curtis says rubber marks will soon be removed, and the crosswalk colours restored.

"The beautiful thing is — we didn't just paint these flags down. We burned them into the asphalt. The rubber marks will come off long before the flag comes down," he said.