Whitehorse peewee team strives to win national Good Deeds Cup

A Whitehorse team is in the final running to win the Good Deeds Cup, awarded by Hockey Canada for volunteer work. The top prize is $15,000 for a charitable organization.

Team makes top 10 in contest that rewards volunteer work, could net local food bank $15K

PNW Group has recorded 70 good deeds during the course of the winter season. (Philippe Morin/CBC)

A Whitehorse peewee hockey team has been busy shovelling snow, singing Christmas carols to seniors and sorting boxes at the food bank. 

The team is competing for the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup, awarded by the automaker and Hockey Canada. 

"We're competing in this cup to win it, so we have to do a lot of good deeds,"  11-year-old player Bryn Studney-Amos said. 

It was really, really awesome to see Bob McKenzie call our name.- James Nemeth, hockey player 

The PNW Group peewee team has already recorded 70 good deeds this winter.

Players have worked with groups like the Whitehorse food bank, Habitat for Humanity and Copper Ridge place in Whitehorse. 

The contest has already netted $2,000 for the Whitehorse food bank. 

The PNW team keeps busy at the Whitehorse Food Bank. Their work has already raised $2,000 for the bank through the Good Deeps Cup contest. (Mike Nemeth / PNW Team)

Yukon team makes national top 10 

The Whitehorse team made it into the top 10 out of 134 teams that entered the contest this year. 

In December, the team watched as finalists were announced on TSN in Ottawa while attending the Bell Capital Cup. 

"It was really, really awesome to see Bob McKenzie call our name," hockey player James Nemeth said.

"We're really happy, we were proud of ourselves we think we did a great job."

Cassie Cebuliak, a forward on the co-ed team says it's been fun to compete. 

"It's just good for team work and bonding and it makes us better play together on the ice," she said. 

Team forward Cassie Cebuliak said the contest is good for team work and bonding. (Philippe Morin/CBC)

Contest depends on internet views

The contest requires teams to film themselves volunteering. 

"The contest is really good for teaching the kids the value of hard work and community," PNW coach Mike Nemeth said.

It required the team to film themselves volunteering. Nemeth said the team uploaded its first video on December 1, but they were busy in the community since November. 

"They can be helpful. It doesn't take a lot. The team spirit has been amazing."

Finalists with the most views will enter the top three. The winner will then be chosen by a panel of judges, including some former NHL players, with prizes awarded to a charitable groups chosen by the competing teams.

The PNW's team selection as top-ten finalists has already won the Whitehorse food bank $2,000. It will receive $5,000 if the team makes the top three. 

The number-one win would net  the food bank $15,000 more. 

The team's success depends on YouTube views. They recently filmed a dance alongside Gurdeep Pandher, who could be considered Yukon's most famous person on social media. His Bhangra dance videos have more than a million views. (Stephen Anderson-Lindsay / PNW Team)

Bhangra dancing in hockey pads

In its quest for online views, the team visited with one of Yukon's best-known social media personalities. 

A view is a vote. Being that the Yukon is smaller population size we really need to rally the community together.- Mike Nemeth, coach 

Pandher's Bhangra dance videos have an audience in the tens of thousands and a video he made with Whitehorse mayor Dan Curtis accumulated more than a million views.

The video shows the hockey players learning Bhangra moves — including the goalie who is wearing full hockey pads. 

"We need people voting, a view is a vote," Nemeth said.

"Being that the Yukon is smaller population size we really need to rally the community together."

Voting continues until Jan. 28 through Chevrolet's website. 

There's also the matter of the cup itself. 

"The Good Deeds Cup is gold plated and it's bigger than the Stanley Cup. It's quite a substantial cup," said James Hodge, who is the advertising manager with sponsor Chevrolet Canada.

The contest is in its second year. 

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