Whitehorse knitters stitch together airplane cozy

Knitters in Whitehorse plan to cover their airport's DC-3 weathervane with yarn on Aug. 11.

Plan to cover airport's DC-3 weathervane with yarn

Knitters in Whitehorse plan to cover their airport's DC-3 weathervane with yarn on Aug. 11.

Jessica Vellenga, one of the organizers of the yarn-bombing, said donations of knitting have come in from all across North America for the attempt at creating the world's largest airplane cozy.

"A lot of local knitters have participated," she said. "We've had donations from Ottawa, Toronto, Huntsville, Texas, Ohio, lots of different places.

"We had a great donation from a young lady who's 11 years old and she wanted to donate a little bit to the yarn bomb. She decided to help us meet our world record and we also had a lovely box of goods come from the National Arts Centre."

Yarn-bombing, also known as yarn-storming, is a kind of graffiti popular in recent years where artists cover objects such as trees, statues and telephone booths with knitting.

The DC-3 was mounted on a pedestal outside the airport in the 1970s and functions as a weathervane.

Vellenga said knitters will gather at the Old Fire Hall next week to stitch together all the donations.