Whitehorse killer teen to get early release

A Whitehorse teen who was convicted of manslaughter after stabbing her mother's ex-boyfriend has behaved so well since the offence that a judge has granted her an early release.

Judge said post-offence behaviour so exemplary that it should be encouraged

A Whitehorse teen who stabbed her mother’s ex-boyfriend to death has won early release from custody.

A judge said the girl, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, had such a remarkable rehabilitation that it should be rewarded.

The girl was 16 years old when she stabbed the 56-year-old man multiple times with a knife on Aug. 8, 2009.

She graduated from high school last summer before her sentencing. She is now 10 months into a one-year open custody sentence at the Young Offenders Facilty in Whitehorse. Open custody means she is allowed to attend school or other scheduled and supervised events in the community during the day.

In court this week, she told Judge John Faulkner that counselling, yoga and meditation help her control her emotions.

She choked back tears as she apologized again for taking the man’s life.

She is preparing to start university soon in Ontario and wants her jail time revoked.

Faulkner agreed, saying that the girl’s post-offence behaviour has been so exemplary that it should be encouraged.

He ruled that she can start her parole conditions one month early – at the end of May.