Whitehorse residents overwhelmingly agree: Whitehorse is a great place to live

A city of Whitehorse survey shows residents agree the city is a great place to live.

City citizen survey polled residents on quality of life, customer service and value for taxes

A City of Whitehorse citizen survey says residents agree the city is a great place to live. (CBC)

A City of Whitehorse survey gives the city glowing grades when it comes to liveability.

The Yukon Bureau of Statistics contacted about 1,000 random households in April. The resulting 2017 Citizen Survey shows 94 per cent of respondents agreed that Whitehorse is a great place to live.

Claire Ness, born and raised in Whitehorse, agrees.

Whitehorse resident Claire Ness agrees that Whitehorse is a great place to live. (CBC)

"There's not a lot you can improve on," she said. 

"I mean, it's not perfect, but it's probably the best place to live in the world."

Comparing this year's survey results to the last one in 2014 is not straightforward; the questions were different this year. But in 2014, 88 per cent said they were happy living in Whitehorse, with 84 per cent saying they felt better off living in the city than elsewhere.

When it comes to city taxes, 79 per cent of those surveyed agreed they get fair value for their tax dollars.

Overall, most people (72 per cent) are satisfied with programs and services in Whitehorse.

Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis says he's encouraged to learn the majority of residents agree they get fair value for their tax dollar. (CBC)

"We are very encouraged to hear people feel — the vast majority feel — their taxes are well spent for the services they receive," Mayor Dan Curtis said.

But some have concerns, especially about the transit system.

"Some people felt that transit was not a service that was up to were they'd like it to be," Curtis said.

Only 31 per cent of those surveyed agreed Whitehorse has a great public transit system. Curtis was surprised with that result, but said it's people who don't use the transit service who are complaining.

Whitehorse resident Alecia Tone has some concerns about city transit, but points to alleviating considerations.

Whitehorse resident Alecia Tone said Whitehorse transit isn't that great, but many people are active so they're able to work around it. (CBC)

"Transit is pretty terrible," Tone said. "Luckily people tend to... make do. There's a lot of active people in Whitehorse, a lot of people bike to work."

The survey is taken every two years. City Council and staff will also use the survey results to help shape future city planning.

With files from Mike Rudyk


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