Whitehorse house burgled while homeowners away at family funeral

A Whitehorse woman is grateful for the offers of help pouring in after her home was broken into while she was in N.W.T. attending her brother's funeral.

Offers of help and donations pour in, after car and other belongings stolen

Danya Jerome's kitchen and living room. The thieves took clothes, personal belongings, and electronics. They also made a mess. The family is staying with relatives at the moment. (Dayna Jerome)

A Whitehorse woman is grateful for the offers of help pouring in after her home was broken into while she was in the N.W.T. attending her brother's funeral. 

If she and her family hadn't been away for the funeral, the theft would have "just been another random act of violence," said Dayna Jerome.

But arriving back on New Year's Day to discover the break-in hit her hard.

"I feel lost and alone, just really hurt over my brother," she said. 
'I feel lost and alone, just really hurt over my brother,' says Dayna Jerome. (CBC)

The break-in makes her feel "like I don't have a home to bring my family back to."

Jerome, her spouse and her four children had left Whitehorse Dec. 22. On the way back, they had driven straight from Fort McPherson, N.W.T., anxious to get home.

"I didn't even overnight," she said. "I just gassed up in Dawson and came straight to Whitehorse."

She had Tim Hortons coffee on her mind the whole drive, and all she wanted was to get home, have a shower and crawl into bed.

"It was a red flag that my car wasn't in the driveway," said Jerome. "It isn't winter-worthy."

It took her spouse two minutes in their Baranov neighbourhood home, in Porter Creek, to realize it had been broken into. Along with the car, many of the family's belongings were missing.

Public response

Later, friends, family and acquaintances who knew that Jerome's house had been broken into started to tag her in for-sale posts of items like TVs and surround sound systems on Facebook buy and sell pages, in case the items had been stolen from her.

She made a post of her own on the Whitehorse Buy and Sell page, to list a few things that had been stolen, and the circumstances. 
The thieves threw a paint can through Jerome's daughter's bedroom window. They used a microwave from the shed to stand on to climb through the window. The bed inside was covered in blood. (Dayna Jerome)

"I just wanted the public to be aware that my residence was broken into, and that's why I was being tagged," she said. 

She didn't expect the kind responses, with people offering to donate household items, clothes, blankets and shoes.

"It kind of blew up, actually, on the internet," said Jerome. "People want to help."

She said she didn't make the post because she wanted anything from anyone, but said she is grateful for the offers.

"I'm willing to accept the help," she said.

"I'm not really a people person so this is a lot for me. I just want to thank everyone in Whitehorse. It doesn't go unnoticed."

The RCMP is investigating the theft.


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